10 Questions with Jeremy Prasatik.

Jeremy Prasatik is a project manager/creative director by day for norwal InterChange, Inc., a communications based development company in Addison, Texas, and by night is a freelance designer working under the persona jp33. Jeremy has worked on a wide range of projects for companies such as Cadillac, Hummer, Saturn, Chevrolet, JC Penney, Infinium Labs, Wharton School of Management, Relevant Media, Josh Gracin, Trace Adkins, Split, Emerica and Etnies to name a few.

[1] Paul: Describe to us Jeremy Prasatik in 5 words.
Jeremy: God-fearing, sports-loving, designer.

[2] Paul: You did some pretty neat illustrations, how you get started?
Jeremy: Well, it all started off out of boredom in college. I was an MIS major and didn't do anything design related in school. I really hadn't done anything design related at all up to that point... not anything more than drawing as a young child. But in college I took a few classes that had some basic HTML and web programming in them, and one of our assignments was to make a simple web page. As I started getting into the project a little more, something just seemed to stick with me...it became a challenge to make the site as 'cool' as I possibly could.

It ended up being one of the ugliest sites (complete with a tiled flame/fire background and full mp3 soundtrack bumping Tupac) I've seen to date, but it was my first stab in the web field and I was pretty happy with the results. From then on, I just kinda stuck with it, and 4 later, here I am =)

[3] Paul: We love some of the tshirts you did for Soapbox, any ideas where we can get our hands on some of these or other tees design you came up with?
Jeremy: That's a good question as I'm still waiting on the samples I was promised! No, honestly, I'm not sure. Most of the Soapbox designs were for music artists and I was told that they were merch. for concert tours and such, and not sure where exactly they'll be sold after the artists tour is over.

I actually get a good amount of emails from people asking the same thing 'where can I get some of those shirts?' so I'll try and find out.

[4] Paul: I personally love your illustration works for J.Christianson. Care to share with me how did you come with such excellent illustrations.
Jeremy: Shear luck my friend, shear luck. No, really it's just a trial and error type deal. What I'll do is come up with a concept and start playing around in a blank Illustrator or Photoshop canvas. Normally, you'd take the focal point of the piece and start working around it. Draw a swirly thing here, move it over there, copy and paste, move, delete, move.... etc. Sometimes the results are identical to what I originally saw in my head, and other times there are almost no similarities.

There are also a ton of factors that play into the J.Christianson pieces, as well. Since it's a clothing line, time of year plays a big role, and you've also got to keep things in line with their current marketing schemes. That's why you'll see a pretty big variance in some of the posters I've done for them.

[5] Paul: Any exciting projects we can expect from you in the future?
Jeremy: Nothing too exciting really. I'm doing a website and a few more shirt designs for TreFive clothing. They're a startup based out of Laguna Beach, California and it looks like they might make it one day. They've got a good backing so watch out for them.

I was selected to do an 'art lamp' design for Moody Buddha, so that should be pretty fun.

I also MIGHT be doing a couple of posters for 2 of my favorite bands, but that's still in the works so I won't name the bands just yet. Other than that nothing major really. Various web stuff always seems to pop-up and I've been getting a lot of inquires for shirt designs as well. But really, I'm trying to keep things low-key so it doesn't take away from my flag-football battles with friends =)

[6] Paul: Any websites out there that really really inspires you?
Jeremy: Man, there's so much good stuff going on out there. I'm inspired by it all really. The Mikes at WWFT have always been a big influence and Scott Hansen at ISO50 is another. I'd have to say Josh from Hydro74 and Brain from Agency26 have been the biggest influences as well as great friends to me. They've both opened up a lot of doors for myself, so I gotta give them some major props.

[7] Paul: On a lighter note, we manage to find this article, you really can play basketball? Any plans to join the NBA? =p
Jeremy: Oh wow, you did some digging didn't you! As a high school player I had dreams of playing in the NBA, but those dreams never did come true, ha. I was ranked 69th in the state of Texas my senior year, but broke my ankle and had to have surgery right before the season started. I ended up missing a handful of games and then rushed back to early. The whole season was a disappointment, as I never really got back into the swing of things like I needed to. I ended up losing out of some great scholarship opportunities because of the lackluster season and decided to go to UT Dallas, which was just a D3 school (for those of you who know college sports). Things never really worked out as UT Dallas, I didn't like the coach very much (or the players for that matter) and I decided to hang the high-tops up about 20 games into the season. It was the first time I had ever quit anything in my life, but I felt basketball just wasn't what I was supposed to be doing anymore. I think I made the right decision, haha.

I still play ball for fun and will take any and all challenges that may be out there!

[8] Paul: That's you! And that's must be Mrs Jeremy Prasatik. How did you meet your wife? =p
Jeremy: Wow, more digging!! Yes, that's me and there are a few pics of my wife. I met her the first day of class my freshman year at UT Dallas. Well, we didn't actually meet, but I do remember checking her out for a month or so before I could build up enough courage to actually ask her out, hehe. I wouldn't say it was love at first site, but I did think she was really hot! I mean, that's the most important thing, right?

Really though, after our first date we were almost inseparable and she hasn't been able to get rid of me since. We got married after school, and it's been a wonderful 2 years now...loving every minute of it!

[9] Paul: Tell us two things we do not know about you.
Jeremy: I'm 6'4... tall for a designer? I was home schooled from 8th - 12th grade

[10] Paul: Last question, I'm hopeless at designing tees, have you done any designs at threadless?
Jeremy: Actually, no, I've never submitted a design to Threadless. I'm not sure why, I need to get around to that one of these days, but with all the great designs they have it might be tough to sneak one through. Plus, it seems like the style of shirts they print up has changed. I'm not sure if my style would even go over well with the voters there. I think winners get a pretty good cut though, maybe I should look into it more =)