10 Questions with Edvard Scott.

Edvard Scott operates his little one-man-studio from the usually cold country of Sweden (slightly larger than California). Scott started doing illustrations and design back in 2004 and has since then been involved in numerous projects; both as a freelance designer and with Stockholm Design Lab, where he's currently employed. The projects have reached thru many different categories; Scott has worked with everything from basic illustrations to major corporate identities, as well as motion graphics and magazine layouts. Scott is always trying to break new ground with projects in all forms, shapes and sizes.

[1] Paul: First, describe to us Edvard Scott in 5 words?
Edvard: Relaxed. Learning. Positive. Interested. Tall.

[2] Paul: For those of us who have never been to Sweden, tell us a little more
about the country.

Edvard: Temperate in south with cold, cloudy winters and cool, partly cloudy summers; sub arctic in north. Estimated population of 9,001,774. It's a pretty nice country.

[3] Paul: Care to share with our readers, an average day in the life of Edvard

Edvard: Let's see. I wake up sometime around 7.00 eat some breakfast and shower. Get dressed, put my headphones on and start a tune on my iPod Nano. Then I walk to work (Stockholm Design Lab) in the morning cold, it takes about 33 minutes. Then it's time for 'designing', which I do all day long, from nine-o-clock till six. I also have some lunch and a couple of coffee breaks. Then I walk home, takes a little longer. Then I eat dinner, read my thousands of fan mails (Yeah right!) and then I work on my personal projects (those shown on edvardscott.com). And then I go to bed. And wake up and then it's the same story all over. I also squeeze in a couple of friends between my working hours.

[4] Paul: You done quite a fair bit of illustration works, how did you get started doing illustrations and design back in 2004?
Edvard: I'm not completely sure, I think I just started to draw/design and I haven't stopped yet. I find it entertaining/educating and therefore I keep on doing it.

[5] Paul: To date, you have completed numerous projects, which is your best work so far? Why?
Edvard: My best work? That's a hard one. I love a lot of the stuff I've done but I'm especially proud of the Black Day to freedom piece I did. Why? You'll have to figure that out for yourselves. Check out blackdaytofreedom.org.

[6] Paul: Any exciting new projects we can expect from you in the near future?
Edvard: Oh yes. I'm working with 'fashion' now. You'll see the result in a near future. The only thing I can say is Japan and Italy. Hopefully everything will turn out really good.

[7] Paul: Side topic here, if we were to visit Sweden, any places of interest you recommend we must
definitely go?

Edvard: To be honest I haven't travelled that much in Sweden but I know my Stockholm pretty good. I both hate and love Stockholm; in one way it's a lovely place (it just is) and in many other is blows. I have a close friend that tells me very often that Stockholm is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and you know what, he's right about that. Some more skyscrapers and I'll be satisfied.

[8] Paul: Just wondering, have you ever heard of Singapore? Ever been there before?
Edvard: I visited Singapore for a couple of days not to long ago. In many ways it was truly interesting. I can't really say too much about it, I wasn't there more than a few days. I did party at this mad place tough, I think it was called Zouk.

[9] Paul: Any favourite websites?
Edvard: I'll cite a few: joshuadavis.com, presstube.com, universaleverything.com,

[10] Paul: Finally, any designers out there you particular admired? Why?
Edvard: There are a lot of designers I admire. Right now I've been checking the work of former employees of The Designers Republic, guys like Michael C Place, Bob Sanderson and Matt Pyke. Also let's never forget the work of the brilliant oldies, Paul Rand, Hans Rudolf Bosshard, Armin Hoffman. I also really like the work of Peter Saville and Nick Knight (photographer). I can go on for hours about this so let's leave it at this.