10 Questions with Keith Robinson.

D. Keith Robinson is a writer, designer, artist, publisher, etc. with a background in user-centered Web design, Web standards-based development and Web content. He live in Seattle, Washington, and have been a working Web professional for going on 10 years now. He is currently a Principle and the Creative Director for Blue Flavor, an experience and Web design consultancy in Seattle. His interests include online publishing and community, photography, fiction, information architecture, music and design. You'll find discussions on all of those things and more here at Asterisk*

[1] Paul: First of all, what's with the Dr in front of your name? You are really a professor or something?
Keith: Hehe. Actually it's just a simple 'D'. It is my first initial, for 'David.'

[2] Paul: Beside being a writer, designer, artist, publisher and creative director for Blue Flavor, what else have you tried that we don't know? Singing, dancing maybe.
Keith: Oh yeah, lots of things. I'm trying something new all the time. I used to be a DJ back in the late 80's and early 90's. I've still got my decks and a whole bunch of records. I've tried, several times, to write a novel. I think I need a bit more maturity and a bit less of an attention span problem. Maybe, once I've tired (or retired?) from the ever growing distraction that is the Web I'll try my hand at being a serious novelist.

[3] Paul: How did you ever manage to get the job as an associate editor with Lifehacker? That's like the dream job for me, you have to got to tell me how to get that job!
Keith: Well, I think it was because of To-Done. I'd been writing there for awhile, on similar topics, and Gina, Lifehacker's editor, became a fan of my writing. She asked me to fill in a few times and Lockhart, Gawker Media's Editor in Chief, thought I did a good job.

[4] Paul: You are also the owner of To-Done & iPodarmy, what's up with these websites? Tell us more about them.
Keith: HehE. Well iPodarmy was a music podcast I was doing. I've since killed that project as it took up too much of my time. It was fun while it lasted and I may revisit the idea in the future. To-Done is a publication I run that focuses on productivity and work/life balance. It was started on a whim but it covers subject matter I've got lots of thoughts about.

[5] Paul: From all the articles you have written so far, you are quite an excellent writer, which is your best article so far? Why?
Keith: First of all, thanks for the kind words, I really appreciate it. So which is my best so far? I don't know. You've read some, you tell me! Seriously though, it's really hard for me to try and put a finger on which one I've liked the best. The main reason being I write on so many different topics to so many different audiences that it's hard to gauge.

Awhile back I wrote an article on Search Engine Optimization for Marketing News and I think that one was kind of a high point. It was providing good, honest information about SEO to an audience that really needed it. Oh, and it was in print, which is a huge plus for a Web guy.

[6] Paul: Blue Flavor is something that's started recently? Whose idea is it? Why start it only now?
Keith: We started very recently. The idea was a combined one. I began talking to my partners Nick Finck and Brian Fling separately about teaming up on some freelance gigs and we began to explore the idea of doing something a bit bigger. I pulled those two in and we really got going on it.

We added a fourth guy, Matt May and decided to make it official. We all have a passion for the Web, we love our work and want to do provided what we think is a special blend of services. So far it's going well, but we're still pretty new and I expect lots more to come.

[7] Paul: What does a creative director in Blue Flavor does in a day?
Keith: Well, I don't know yet really as we're still getting started. I spend a good portion of my day right now doing business development. This means writing proposals, going to meetings and making sales calls. I've also got a fair amount of client work that I'm working on. I've been doing everything from hands-on design to higher-level consulting. Then, of course, there is my writing and taking take of all the little business things that come up. I'm hoping, at some point, to be able to focus more on client work and maybe bring on some help to take some of the business aspects off my plate. But we'll see how it goes.

[8] Paul: In your job, you must have seen quite a handful of websites, any particular websites catches your eyes recently?
Keith: Let's see. I assume you're talking design eh? Well, to be honest nothing jumps to mind. There's lots of great design out there and I'm kind of a content first person when it comes to the sites I'm really into. I really loved Derek Powazek's redesign. It's very content focused yet has lots of style also. A List Apart's latest design was quite nice also. When I want a laugh I've been hitting Girlspoke. I'm quite sure I'm really in their 'target audience' but who cares, they make me laugh.

[9] Paul: Last two questions, any exciting new projects we can expect from you in the near future?
Keith: Of course. I've had to put most of my personal stuff on hold, but Blue Flavor is busy. We're doing a bit of work with Geffen Records that has been pretty interesting and we've got several larger projects looming. I wish I could fill you in on the details, but we're not far enough along on anything yet. Lots of potential out there for good work, though, that's for sure.

[10] Paul: Finally, describe to us Keith Robinson in 5 words.
Keith: A Fun Loving Web Guy.