10 Questions with Stuart McHenry.

[1] Paul: Care to give a short introduction about yourself? Stuart: Well, I've been involved with the Internet since late 2003. We had a medical supply website that was very popular. We sold that off in 2005 when we went into a new direction, mostly selling advertising. This is when I created Site Sift Media, Inc., the first of two companies I own. In 2006 we started McKremie, LLC and began doing more client work, design, programming, internet marketing and hosting.

[2] Paul: Thank your for the short intro, now tell us 3 things no one know about you. We like to be first to know. :P
Stuart: I have my own personal blog, but hate to blog. Two, my highest monthly income from online was $107,000 (one month, profit) and three, I'm a die hard 49ers fan ever since I can remember.

[3] Paul: Alright, so what have you been up to recently?
Stuart: Our big focus the past year was increasing value for our customers. One way we are doing this is with the expansion of McKremie, LLC into the web hosting business. We have hosted some clients website for some time now and decided to ramp up for better service and support. The web hosting business is all about support and that is the heart of our focus.

[4] Paul: Alright, any exciting new projects we can expect from you in the coming months?
Stuart: We are going to continue our focus on the hosting business. We will be finishing up some important steps to better serve our customers for 2008.

[5] Paul: Alright, something different now. Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie and Gisele Bundchen who do you like best? Why?
Stuart: Angelina Jolie, I use to think she was just OK, I guess I didn't care for her look in Gone in 60 Seconds but she has caught my eye lately. Plus, she can act not like the other two.

[6] Paul: I'm a Mac. So are you a Mac or a PC? Ever consider switching to a Mac?
Stuart: Both, I'm more of a PC than a Mac but I'm slowly shifting to Mac. We have three PC's in the office and one Mac. As I learn more and more about the Mac, I become more of a fan.

[7] Paul: Finally, anything last words you want to announce or shout to our readers?
Stuart: I would like to offer your readers a special discount that gives them the first month of web hosting through http://www.mckremie.com/ for free. Just enter the coupon code 'onefree' at checkout to receive your first month for free.

[8] Paul: What advice can you give some of our users on web hosting?
Stuart: Go with a company that offers 24x7 support and don't go with the cheapest company out there. You never know when your website might be down and it's important to be able to contact the web host to resolve the issue.

[9] Paul: You mentioned that you made more than $100k per month before, our question is just how do you do it!
Stuart: Affiliate marketing, there is some great money to be made promoting other people's products and services. We had a website that happen to rank # 2 in a very popular industry and it made us some great money while it lasted.

[10] Paul: Give us 3-5 of your favourite websites right now?
Stuart: I enjoy reading blogs so here are my favorite's
http://shoemoney.com/ - http://mashable.com/ - http://stuff4restaurants.com/blog2